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    June 3, 2024 | By Admin

    Top Video Marketing Trends That You Can Follow

    Top Video Marketing Trends That You Can Follow

    Over the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of online video consumed. People use their smartphones to record their daily activities. They then post the videos to the internet. Videos are continuously posted on social media channels. Companies’ shift towards video marketing is driven by the need to capture the attention of their target audience. There are numerous trends to follow to make marketing strategies more impactful. However, it’s crucial for organizations also to achieve high rankings on Google. The SEO Agency in Singapore offers effective solutions for accomplishing this goal.

    Various trends are occurring in video marketing, and we will examine these trends in detail in this article. So stay until the end of this article for more information.

    Viral Video Marketing Trends That Are Going On

    Short video form

    Marketers have embraced short-form videos. They see it as a fresh way to share branded content. These videos are gaining popularity. Platforms are trying new ad formats. So, marketers should watch this trend in the coming year. Initially, the short form was novel. Later, it turned into the hottest subject on the tongue. Some of your clients only watch short-form videos.

    Live video

    Live video is now crucial for small businesses and big brands. It helps maintain customer relationships and has changed our view of what can be streamed. For example, influencers sell products, musicians hold concerts, and Broadway shows are broadcast. Everyone is using live video. What is the point of this live stream if your customer needs help using your website? That is why you should look for the best web design agency near your location who can help you.

    Smartphone cameras

    Today, the norm is to avoid traditional video production. This is true even for big businesses with expensive gear. Traditional methods are costly and time-consuming. Smartphones are easy to use and have great video quality. They’re ideal for live streaming, making short social media clips, and shooting vertical videos.

    Interactive videos

    Interactive videos are transforming social media video marketing. Through interactive engagement and tailored experiences, this marketing strategy engages audiences. There are numerous types of interactive videos. Add interactive surveys and polls in your films for quick viewer feedback. This approach makes viewers feel like they help decide on your products, services, or content. Also, include fun, educational tasks or quizzes for viewers. This strategy boosts engagement. It also encourages sharing and expands your audience.

    User-generated content (UGC) video

    Over the past few decades, UGC has had an intriguing journey. Content creation has transformed. It now supports making dictionaries and crafting content for brands. This content is for social media and ads. Today, many brands use user-generated content in their campaigns. They either buy it from specialists or gather it from social media. Sometimes, it’s only a small portion of a larger plan. Sometimes it’s the approach.


    We are aware that one of the best strategies for engaging audiences, building your company’s personality, and establishing a connection with customers is through brand storytelling. Vlogs, often known as video blogs, are an excellent medium for narrating those tales. They’re also a fantastic way to share product details or tutorials, which increases audience engagement and conversion rates.

    So, these are some of the viral video marketing trends you can follow to gain more customers.